Calling teen librarians and YA authors!

14 May

I’m presenting at ALA Annual this year as part of the Emerging Leaders program (which sorta sounds like we are all dirty, tattered and crawling out of sewers to stand on two feet finally after a serious makeover overseen by a fey man with a poppy soundtrack). My group (Project Group U, for UNICORN!) is creating job shadow initiatives for public and school librarians working with teens to expose them to the glamourous and rewarding world of teen librarianship.

I’m working on a virtual program which includes a kick-butt video that I need your help making. The premise is myth busting about librarianship, exactly what librarians working with teens do and how we have a rockin’ good time. Teens would watch the video then connect with a REAL-LIFE librarian via Skype or videoconferencing.

How can you help and potentially increase your star power?

  • Authors: send video clips extolling the amazing powers of librarians working with teens to change lives, get books in front of kids, have fun and wear great shoes.
  • Librarians working with teens: give us a behind-the-scenes look at your job in which you bust the myth that librarians are prudish, uptight, inaccessibly geeky, favoring the “good kids,” and boring. Also, most of the world, not just kids, don’t realize we have to get a specialized education, but that’s all good.

Wanna participate? Email me for the details ( Deadline to receive footage is June 4.


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