Kids’ Guide to Stereotypin’

5 Nov

So I guess the Yanks won their 1204th pennant, but we know all anyone really cares about is which celebrity is desperate enough to date one of them.  Personally, I miss late 1970s/early 1980s baseball, but that is another conversation. Today we’ll look at the way in which costumes for kids can give them an early start on that road called Subtle Racism, or Accepted Racism if you decide to take the road less subtle and more socially acceptable. While my heart bleeds for lab animals, I’m not looking to be offended in every little corner. Problem is, sometimes we overlook certain corners. This posting would have been totally rad for Halloween, now that I think about it, but I think we were all more in need of a Gay Old Week!

costume gender bender

Girls: make note of this for when puberty avoids you until you're sixteen.

Welcome to “Costumes for the Stage,” written sometime around Back of the Bus era. Actually, teaching boys how to be drag queens early on is an acceptable skill in UFB’s book. I like to imagine young boys with visions of themselves as Tuesday Weld or Ginger on “Gilligan’s Island” taking silent notes and filing them away for the day when they leave Ohio. Plus, good point about wearing your padding during rehersals. Nothing is more embarrassing then doing your version of “Single Ladies” and having your fake butt fall out during the ring (sneak attack!) part. I do take issue with “haggy clothes.” Don’t make fun of those who will take your sorry butt to prom later. While this book scroes two points for this unintentional subversiveness, it quickly loses them.

costume circus 1

Because nothing motivates kids quite like condescending rhetorical questions. (Is it me or are these kinda (w)itchily written?)

You know what would get a real laugh, gang? Go as a FAT PERSON! They are so jolly and large and are used to people staring at them behind their backs. It’s not mean, it’s funny.


It’s hard to choose just one thing to hate on this page!

Yes, you are reading that correctly. This is really providing guidance for going in blackface. AND suggesting you wear bones around your neck and a grass skirt to be a “wild man.” Escorted by a lion to the minstrel show, I’m guessing. And up top, yep, that’s saying wear a towel around your head to go as the only thing kids know about India until later it becomes that all of their jobs are being taken by them Indians (and not because a corporation decided to save money by taking jobs overseas and not because you did more drinking in college than studying). A towel.

 Enjoy the context, people, enjoy it.









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