Toy Story 4: World Stereotypes

15 Sep

Dear Children: I go by the delightful name of Bettina. No last name, just Bettina. Like Cher, or Britney, or Paris. Today I bring you a delightful little book about dolls around the world. Apparently I like to travel the world looking for dolls so that I can make creepy illustrations of them to delight you. And assure you that dolls only come to life and try to kill you at NIGHT. So you’re fine during the day. Please enjoy some of my favorites. I am sure you will want a doll of your very own to freak you out by the end.

Come closer. We won't hurt you.

Come closer. We won't hurt you.


 Dolls come in many shapes, sizes and stereotypes! Let Bettina take you on a magical, delightful romp around the world to explore how dolls can warp your sense of other people and cultures!

dolls 3

This doll works 12 hours a day for 15 cents an hour to make itself.


Oh! This doll reminds Bettina of Bettina’s trip to Paris! Bettina got really plastered in the Latin Quarter and met this artist, Guy (which apparently is pronounced “Gee” not the way you think) and ended up in the gutter the next morning with her hair all messy and…what the hell are those little stupid dolls doing in the corner? Was I still drunk when I drew this?

dolls 4

Fallen Woman Doll and Spacefillers


Dolls represent so much about the culture from which they came. For example, the Polishenallayeellesomething clown from France…

dolls 5

French clown or, Freedom clown if you prefer


…crazy-eye, racist, black-faced doll from England. And a clown doll from Italy who looks really nervous because he knows everyone is going to blame the racist, black-face doll on HIM, even though it was clearly Britain’s fault! Having all of his own teeth is cold-comfort for Italian clown doll.

dolls 6

Do YOU want to comment on this?

Here Bettina presents two sturdy, hardworking when they aren’t getting drunk and beating each other up other dolls. They just need a little more DIRECTION than some of the other dolls. Otherwise they don’t fish and make pretty linens for tourists to buy like they should.  Bettina is pretty sure whomever made these dolls is a hateful person.
dolls 7

Wouldn't you look this nervous if you were near those other dolls?

Italian clown doll knows he’s getting blamed for this one, too.
dolls 8

(If there is justice, this doll gives white people measles when they cuddle with it.)


Did you enjoy your journey around the world with Bettina? Do you love dolls ever so much more now and want one of your own, to stare at you blankly and without ever blinking ALL NIGHT LONG?

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